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Speakeasy Vol.1  Softcover coffee table book 
+ Speakeasy Vol.1 digital book
A collection of hand selected poems and photos woven together to bring you on a journey of love, healing, and transformation. This high quality softcover coffee table book is a timeless piece of art inspired by the most potent moments of 2020.
Instant download link provided for digital book 
Each printed book purchased plants 5 x trees
8.5 x 11 Matte softcover coffee table book
Printed book ships 3/1/21
95 Poems / 124 Photographs 
23 Poets / 6 Photographers 
275 Pages 


planting trees with each order

We love our planet and have a deep appreciation for nature. To be mindful of our carbon footprint, we will plant five trees for every physical book sold & one tree for each digital book sold. Thank you for taking care of the earth with us.

join the speakeasy community

In addition to this transformative book, we are offering lifetime access to our exclusive online Telegram community! Connect with the poets and your peers. Share your work, connect, and become a part of a community!

speak your truth

This book has brought together some of the strongest voices in poetry to express the truths we feel the world needs to hear right now.

Open Your Heart

May this book crack your heart open so more love can flood through the cracks. Only in the darkest of nights are the rarest stars revealed, let the honest words spilled across these pages act as a light along your path.